Revs. George and Elena Yakovlev
how God has used them

Born in the nation of Georgia when it was a part of the Soviet Union, George and Elena Yakovlev came to the United States in 1990, fleeing Communist persecution of evangelicals. They settled in Davis, California and made Word of Life Christian Center their home church.

The Yakovlevs have been ministers in the Good Shepherd International Fellowship since 1999. Their prayers, fund-raising and ministry visits have produced lasting results among Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal pastors and churches in Georgia.

In 2002 the Yakovlevs began a prayer group for Georgia in their home. When corruption, unemployment, poverty and religious persecution increased in Georgia, Brother and Sister Yakovlev issued a call for prayer and fasting that believers throughout the world responded to with focused intercession. After this, the President of Georgia resigned and the man responsible for organizing violent persecution of Christians in Georgia was arrested and imprisoned.

In August 2003, Rev. Elena Yakovlev and another Good Shepherd International Fellowship minister, Rev. Vera Mukha traveled to the dangerous Abkhazian region of Georgia. This area has been severely economically depressed since its civil war with Georgia in the early 1990's. Vera and Elena inspired local churches in Abkhazia to expand their outreach out to the many war orphans. Sister Mukha and the Yalovlevs continue to finance the efforts of local churches as they share Jesus with the children and give them food, clothes and school supplies.

The year 2004 was a spiritual milestone in fostering unity and strengthening the Body of Christ in Georgia. Working with Georgian pastor Zaal Tkeshelashvili, the Yakovlevs organized and underwrote a conference in Georgia that promoted unity, dialogue and cooperation among Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal denominations and ministries. At the end of the conference, twenty leaders including the Bishop of the Pentecostal Union of Georgia, the General Secretary of the Baptist Church of Georgia, the President of the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Georgia and the leader of the Salvation Army signed a charter stating that they would continue to work together to defend Biblical values and promote freedom of belief in Georgia.

Brother Yakovlev and Pastor Tkeshelashvili also sponsored the first nationwide interdenominational youth conference held in Georgia in modern times. In June 2004 thirty ministers and over 700 youth leaders and young people attended this historic gathering. Through the Yakovlev's fund-raising efforts, the transportation, food, lodging and conference venue were provided. The young people were very inspired by the keynote speaker from Greece and the day speakers from Finland and Georgia. This conference facilitated unity among pastors and churches and created a desire in the youth to share the Gospel throughout the country and to have more youth conferences.

Before and after the youth conference Rev. Yakovlev ministered in the three major cities of Georgia -- Tblishi, Kutaisi and Rustavi -- as well as towns and villages across the nation. He built up the Body of Christ in Georgia and exhorted the Christians to reach out to the unsaved.

The Yakovlevs send monthly support to Georgian nationals who have a proven record of pastoring, evangelizing, caring for orphans and ministering to the elderly. In the future they want to support a missionary to the unreached Svaneti people in Georgia. There are no churches among the 50,000 Svanetis, who have their own language and live in remote villages near the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. The Yakovlevs plan to continue to minister in Georgia personally.

Revs. George and Elena Yakovlev are true New Testament Evangelists. They are building up the Body of Christ so the believers will do the work of the ministry. Georgian pastors and believers build upon the foundations the Yakovlevs establish. For example, the Georgian pastors are taking responsibility for promoting an annual day of fasting and prayer, supporting their own meetings to facilitate unity and cooperation, and facilitating ministries among orphans and poor children. The pastors and young people who attended the youth conference have already discussed how they can meet together again to worship , fellowship and receive more teaching. It is significant that each of the ministries initiated by the Yakovlevs always reinforces unity among leaders and believers in Georgia.

In an interview, Rev. Yakovlev stated that the anointing on his ministry to Georgia noticeably increased in the early 1990's after GSIF General Superintendent Rev. Nolan B. Peschke and the church he pastors, prayed for him. Since that time George and Elena always travel to Davis before ministering in Georgia to receive prayer and commissioning at the Word of Life Christian Center.

What helps to make the remarkable ministry of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship and George and Elena Yakovlev possible? First of all, the Lord has given the Fellowship special churches and individuals that faithfully pray and give financial support. Those who give monthly or through one-time gifts support many ministries, from assisting villages battered by catastrophic floods or fire to underwriting seminars for national ministers.

We appreciate the love and sacrificial giving of dedicated Fellowship members and volunteers in many nations. They contribute immeasurably to the impact of the ministry of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship and the GSIF Asia Foundation. Their generosity allows Fellowship to pass on 100% of designated gifts to recipients The GSIF receives many requests for spiritual and physical assistance from around the world, every month. Imagine the impact you can make if you help answer these requests.

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