The Good Shepherd International Fellowship Asia Foundation
how God has used them

The GSIF has ministered in the Philippines since 1988 and has kept the momentum toward unity going there through the GSIF Asia Foundation. On November 29th, 2001 the securities and exchange commision officially approved the "Good Shepherd International Fellowship Asia Foundation, Inc." (The Foundation)

Rev. Boyonas was ordained as the Superintendent of the Foundation. Together with Good Shepherd International Fellowship in the United States, the Foundation will encourage pastors and church leaders to grow in unity and maturity in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

Cedric Panis and his wife Joy have coordinated the work of the GSIF Asia Foundation on a volunteer basis from their home in the Philippines. Cedric and Joy have a vision to raise money from Filipinos inside the Philippines in order to demonstrate that The Foundation can move towards financial independence. One year they raised 800 U.S. dollars. Cedric and Joy are committed to reinforce The Foundation members' vision of unity and to build them up through seminars, personal communication and a quarterly newsletter.

Working Together is the Key

Rev. Defenderfer and the Board Members of the GSIF Asia Foundation are deeply grateful for those who supported our time of ministry in the Philippines. Heaven will reveal the eternal impact of this work.

Your support of the G.S.I.F. Asia Foundation is vital. Partnering with faithful volunteers like Cedric and Joy, we can do our part to answer the prayer of Jesus to make us one, so the world will know the Father's love in sending His Son.

Working together we will build up, unify and mobilize the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

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