"Render therefore to all their dues:
honour to whom honour is due" -- Rom.13:7
how God has used them

Christian Leadership Hall of Fame

In 1994, the Fellowship inaugurated the Christian Leadership Hall of Fame fund- raising and awards banquets. The theme of these banquets is, "Let Us Band Together To Make A Difference." Held in Sacramento, the State Capital of California, these banquets raise financial support for the Fellowship's overseas missionary outreaches, highlight the achievements of the Fellowship, and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prominent men and women in the business world. The Fellowship presents awards to selected nominees based on benevolent work in the community.

The First Banquet

The first banquet was held in May of 1994. The keynote speaker was Rev. Mike DiSanza, a director with "Cops for Christ International." Mike shared his powerful testimony of being saved out of gang life. He described how he was miraculously saved from death while serving as a police officer for the New York City Police Department. Mike served for over twenty years on the New York City Police Force before he retired.

His message that night made an immense impression upon the audience. As a result a number of people at this banquet made personal commitments to Christ as Savior and Lord. Among these was a Jewish businessman who was raised in the same neighborhood of New York City where Mike had grown up.

Among those honored at the first 1994 banquet was Rev. Phillip Goudeaux, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Sacramento, California. Before coming to Christ he was a member of the notorious Black Panthers. Rev. Goudeaux's church has had a major impact in Sacramento and throughout the world.

The banquet also recognized businessman Cedric Panis of the Filipino community, and local newscaster and writer, Mary Jane Popp.

The Second Banquet

Building on the successful reputation of the first banquet, a second banquet was held in November of 1994. It gathered support from some high profile community and business leaders in Sacramento. Among those on its Honorary committee were Chuck Collings, President and CEO of Raleys; Assemblywoman Barbara Alby; Mike Lyon, President of Lyon & Associates Realtors; and John Frisch, a Vice President with Cornish & Carey Commercial Real Estate.

Newman Peyton delivered the keynote address at this second banquet. Currently a successful international businessman, his first career was in the automotive industry where he held high-level executive positions both with General Motors and Subaru Corporations. Called by some the "Billy Graham" to world leaders, Mr. Peyton developed long-term relationships of trust and respect with such world leaders as Menachem Begin, former Prime Minister of Israel, and Mother Theresa. He shared how he was privileged to lead Kurt Waldheim, a past Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Austria, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Newman was afforded the honor of being the first Christian businessman to address the Israeli Parliament during Israel's forty-year celebration. In Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean, he organized and hosted banquets for prime ministers and government leaders. At these banquets successful American businessmen shared their testimonies of faith in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Rev. Glen Cole received the Christian Leadership Builder of the Year Award. Pastor Cole served many years as Senior Pastor of Capital Christian Center, one of the largest churches in the Sacramento area. He was considered an outstanding Christian leader in the community and held important offices with the Assemblies of God.

At the Fellowship's award banquet, many non-Christian leaders in the business community were challenged to make decisions for Christ as Newman presented his testimony of how he personally accepted Christ in the midst of a successful business career and happy marriage.

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