1st East Coast Conference
how God has used them

GSIF conducted our first ever East Coast Conference in New Jersey June 21st - June 23rd hosted by New Life Outreach Church. They were very loving, kind and giving. As a result, the Lord filled the church sanctuary with His presence. Here is how one couple from Pennsylvania explained it, "When we walked into the church Friday evening, we could feel the presence of the Lord so strongly. And not only that, we felt so welcome by everyone...We left there feeling blessed and full to overflowing."

Frank Abram guided the services and ministered the Word. One truth he shared that struck me, was that God's supernatural visions and visitations will come only when we wholeheartedly follow His purposes in our lives. We simply cannot expect God's supernatural gifts to flow when we attempt to dictate to Him our purposes, preferences, plans and timetables. Jesus did not let the prevailing Jewish prejudice against the Samaritans stop him from ministering to the woman at the well and asking her to give him a drink . Brother Abram told us he longs to see us obey God as we move in the gifts of the Spirit.

Missionary Evangelists Vern Hughes and Faye Hughes spoke during the men's and women's luncheons on Friday afternoon. Faithfully serving God for over forty years. He has raised up congregations from scratch, and built sanctuaries for them as a contractor and businessman.

I reviewed highlights of some major I encouraged us to walk in and build upon truths and anointings restored to the Body of Christ during seasons of revival throughout church history. Jesus died, was raised and sits on the throne so that everyone can be born again, filled with His Spirit, emotionally and physically healed, delivered from demonic influences and work together in local churches in the office and charismatic gifts needed to rescue sinners and disciple the saints. In the final revival of this age, the Church will need all its members to operate in Christ's love and in the unity of the Spirit. Currently God is purging the church of self serving motives. He waits to release a glorious corporate anointing on churches who members love Him with all their hearts.

During the ordination service, Craig Arentz was received as an Ordained Minister and Nelson Seibel was confirmed as a Licensed Minister in the G.S.I.F. Brother Arentz is the Senior Pastor of the 260-year-old Christ Church in Littleston, Pennsylvania. Brother Seibel is teaching at the church. We were thrilled to hear these men's testimonies. The two visions God gave Brother Arentz were particularly appropriate to his placement as Senior Pastor (I hope to communicate these visions to you shortly). Please pray for these brothers and their wives as they continue to bring renewal to this historic church.

Brother Abram underscored Brother Hitchner's message with a quote from A. W. Tozer: "When we forsake reading and studying God's word we forsake knowing God personally." Brother Abram believes God is telling us that the next move of God will start with children and young people, that love and unity is essential for this revival and that we must discern between true leaders and wolves in sheep's clothing.

These are exciting times in God's Kingdom. The G.S.I.F. is moving forward across the Jordan.

We are also praying about holding meetings for ministers in the Philippines in 2008.

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