30th Annual Conference
Lifting Jesus Higher - His Person, His Words and His Works
how God has used them

The 30th Annual Conference of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship May 26 -29 was a tremendous success.

Hosted by Word of Life Christian Center of Davis California, the Conference exceeded our expectations featuring deep teaching and preaching, special music, dynamic praise and worship and rich fellowship. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, pastors, ministers, believers and missionaries experienced a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven .

On the second night of the Conference, Ruth Asmundson, the Mayor of Davis, graciously welcomed the attendees to Davis and testified how she relies on prayer to help her lead Davis . We were honored to pray for Mayor Asmundson and present her with our thanks superimposed on an original photograph of Davis .

The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Frank Abram spoke with authority and insight as he linked current events to the end time prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.

Evangelist Abram mentioned that more than one-quarter of the Old Testament is predictive and that there are eight references concerning the Second Coming of Christ to every reference that speaks about Christ's first coming.

Brother Abram feels that unless America repents it will experience a big disaster and captivity. He pointed out that the motivation for all ministry is the love of God for a dying world. Because time is running out, he exhorted us to loose souls from Satan now, and win them to Jesus, without excuses or holding back.

Sister Abram ministered powerfully in song and testimony during the evening services. She was the Keynote Speaker at the Womens Luncheon, where many were encouraged to walk closer to God. Sister Abram's love and prayers touched the ladies.

Pastor Douglas Zeck, the Senior Pastor of New Testament Church in Woodland, California , challenged the ministers at the Conference with a message entitled "Developing Fully Devoted Disciples". The Lord spoke to him out of Mathew 23:15 where He pronounced woes on the religious leaders for their hypocrisy and the evil nature of their hard-earned disciples.

The Lord asked Brother Zeck whether the disciples he was producing, really know Jesus or know only church programs. The Lord convicted him that he had a Silo Mentality. This attitude essentially devalues the character of Jesus and His power in a man-centered effort to store believers in bigger church buildings.

The Lord also gave Pastor Zeck a prophetic word concerning the move of God in his region. The Lord told him, Get ready. The launch window has opened. Be in position. Strap yourself in. Keep your eye on the ball even when other opportunities present themselves. Pastor Zeck explained that the ball represents people that will be saved, healed, delivered and discipled

Apostle Rudolph Parker, the Senior Pastor of International Christian Family Worship Center in Sacramento, California, made a significant contribution to the Conference. He and his praise team led the Conference attendees to high levels of Holy Spirit-inspired praise and worship.

Throughout the Conference, the Holy Spirit used Pastor Parker to initiate emotional and spiritual healing, reconciliation and prophetic direction to many ministers, their spouses and others who came for prayer. Apostle Parker also taught a profound message entitled, The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Ilima Moiha (link) from Hawaii shared the joys and challenges of her calling to minister to her region. With an open heart, she serves Christians and non-Christians alike. She shared how the Lord has healed terminally ill patients she has prayed for in the hospital and how she has had to confront the demon-possessed. Many received inner healing as Pastor Ilima lovingly prayed for them after her message.

The international vision and impact of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship was evident as various GSIF ministers shared what God has done through them in Mexico, in the nation of Georgia and in the Philippines .

The anointed ministry of Christian Country songwriter and recording artist Justin Todd Herod brought a high level of rejoicing to the attendees. His humility and professionalism were obvious as he ministered in song and testimony at each service and at the Mens Luncheon.

The Ordination Service was the most important service of the Conference. It is there that the candidates received a charge to go all out to minister in the will of God by Rev. Nolan Peschke, the Founder and General Superintendent of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship.

Rev. Peschke encouraged the candidates to make things happen. Change nations. Gather workers and train them to work. Never be afraid of failure. Whatever difficulties you face, ask God for help. He will send you someone to help you. Those that were ordained were sent out to minister after prayer with the laying on of hands.

Audio CDs and tapes of the Conference services are available ($2.00 per CD and $1.25 per cassette tape).

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