27th Annual Conference
Never a Man Spoke Like This - Jesus
how God has used them

September 11, 2001 demanded a God-directed response from the Body of Christ. The speakers at the 27th Annual Conference in 2002 issued a clarion call from Jesus to hear from Him and take the lead in changing our world.

Our Keynote Speaker, Rev. Leon Willis is the President of Full Gospel Fellowship, an international fellowship of over 500 ministers. Brother Leon shares Rev. Peschke's vision and strong belief in the importance of promoting unity in the Body of Christ. For many years he has equipped ministers in the United States, Asia and Africa to impact their countries and regions.

Brother Willis encouraged those at the Conference to stay focused on the specific word the Lord gives us individually. When we obey and release this word, it will transform the people in our assigned area of responsibility. He used the Book of Acts as a model of how the progressive proclamation of the Gospel allows God to penetrate individuals, families, cities, nations and empires. Prayerful preparation leads to God's manifested presence which purges leadership, paves the way for miracles and leads to persecution, the end time harvest of souls and the final prevailing of God's word over every earthly kingdom.

Pastor Tony Cunningham used the life of Samuel to point out the inevitable victory of any believer who consecrates himself or herself to the call of God. When we respond to God's call with a commitment, we are commended by Him, charged with a mission and anointed to carry it out.

Bishop Esley Simmons gave us a vivid illustration of how necessary it is to maintain the unity of the Spirit so that God's power will flow in the Body of Christ. The unity of the Spirit acts like the power cord that ran from his house to his new mobile home. When he accidentally cut the cord with his lawn mower, the flow of power to his mobile home stopped. In the same way, division in the Body of Christ -- particularly when holding onto an offence -- cuts the power flow of the Holy Spirit.

Pastors Paul Tilley and Illima Moiha emphasized that Christians are in "The People Business" -- every person needs love, encouragement and a sense of belonging - everyday. Brother Tilley summarized this truth by stating, "Everybody who belongs to the Body of Christ, belongs to everybody in the Body of Christ."

Those at the Conference enjoyed rich fellowship with the Lord and one another. They also demonstrated love one for another by joyously giving in a spontaneous love offering for an orphanage in the Philippines run by a Board Member of the Good Shepherd International Fellowship Asia Foundation.

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