26th Annual Conference
Gathering God's Leaders in Unity and Power to Move the Body of Christ Beyond its Present State
how God has used them

Pastors, members of the five-fold ministry and believers from eleven denominations and thirteen non-denominational churches enjoyed God's presence at the 26th Annual Conference. Brothers and Sisters from across the United States, Hawaii, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia and Mexico joined together in one accord. Conference attendees remarked on how the sweet fragrance of the love of Christ permeated the fellowship, worship and the sharing of the Word.

Under the Theme of "Gathering God's Leaders in Unity and Power to Move the Body of Christ Beyond its Present State" the six guest speakers flowed together in the unity of the Spirit. The Keynote Speakers, Dr. Frank Abram and his wife Dr. Barbara Abram have ministered in 112 countries. Dr. Abram's messages revealed the centrality of Israel in God's prophetic timetable. The Fellowship's General Superintendent, Rev. Nolan Peschke, shared his fatherly love for the church as he encouraged the ministers to work together in unity throughout the Body of Christ.

No one will forget how Pastor Paul Tilley used puzzle pieces to illustrate how each member of the Body of Christ fits into God's big picture of the Church. Rev. Jill Boyonas, the Fellowship's Superintendent in the Philippines ministered on "When the Lord's Spirit Rests Upon Us". It revealed powerful insights into the steps the Church must take in order to grow in the anointing.

It was evident that Rev. Ilima Moiha's message on the "Five Principles of Leadership in God's Kingdom" reflected her life and ministry on the Big Island of Hawaii. Missionary/Evangelist, Rev. Roger McGough shared "How to remain a Habitation for God's Presence". Following the message he moved very accurately in the Word of Knowledge.

There were a number of unique features to this year's Conference. The Women's Luncheon featured the ministry of Rev. Barbara Abram. The ladies appreciated her sweet spirit and teaching on "Women and the Importance of Intercession in the Ministry". A Kenyan member transformed the hall with flags, fabrics and maps from various countries of the world. Everyone enjoyed the singing and playing by the Hawaiians, watching the Liberian children praise the Lord in dance and learning an African chorus.

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